Rock Chronology #72: White Room

“White Room”, Cream, 1968.

This song comes from the double album Wheels of Fire. Yep, Cream released a double album the same year that both The Beatles and The Jimi Hendrix Experience released double albums. In fact this album was the first to go platinum because it was released before the other two albums. That was the kind of year that 1968 was. Fans had just gotten used to buying albums, and then the bands immediately started releasing double albums!

Wheels of Fire peaked at #1 in the US and #3 in the UK. On top of that the single for this song also peaked at #6 in the US (only #26 in the UK).

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3 Responses to Rock Chronology #72: White Room

  1. I first heard this song when Eric Clapton played it at Live Aid in 1985 (I watched it on telly) It’s always really exiting just before he plays the solo because there is a hanging chord just before it that increases the tension and then…fireworks! I used to play White Room with a band and I could never remember the lyrics, so I just made them up a lot of the time!

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