Rock Chronology #79: Hey Jude

“Hey Jude”, The Beatles, 1968.

While the Beatles were used to having #1 songs, this one is their super-mega #1 hit. This single has sold about eight million copies. It was recorded during all of the “White Album” recording sessions, and they decided this song should be released as a single. (The B-side of this single was another amazing song, “Revolution”, which I would never call a B-side, but I digress.) Another notable point is that the single is about 7 minutes long. Just a couple of years ago record studios were hesitant to put out anything more than 3 minutes. By 1968, 7 minute singles are being put out, played on the radio, and selling amazing numbers without any problem.

This song was written by Paul McCartney for Julian Lennon. John was leaving his wife, and Julian’s mother, for Yoko Ono. Julian was only five at the time, and the song was meant to comfort him while his parents divorced. It was originally titled “Hey Jules”, but then Paul thought “Hey Jude” sounded better.

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