Rock Chronology #149: Golden Slumbers, Etc.

“Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End/Her Majesty”, The Beatles, 1969.

The Beatles usually like to leave a special treat at the end of their albums. Songs like “A Day In the Life” or “Tomorrow Never Knows” are two of The Beatles’ most loved songs, and they both came right at the end of their albums. Well on Abbey Road the special treat at the end was basically the entire B-side of the album. I have on one occasion even heard the entire B-side of Abbey Road played on the radio continuously from beginning to end. Usually though radio stations pick these last four songs and play them together.

There is something both sadly fitting about these songs, especially “The End”. This really marked the end of The Beatles, since it was the last album they recorded. It was also the end of that golden musical era known as the 60’s, an era that launched the whole music industry, and an era that was largely created by The Beatles themselves. (Or at the very least they were the ones leading the way.)

This song also marks the end of the 60’s portion of my Rock Chronology…well almost. There is one song left that needs to be played, and then I’m bringing this 60’s broadcast to a close.

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