Rock Chronology #152: Stairway to Heaven

“Stairway to Heaven”, Led Zeppelin, 1971.

Today we kick off the 70’s! You might be looking at the song I picked and think, “Whoa! What happened? Did he skip a year?” We will start into the year 1970 tomorrow, but today we’re kicking off an entire decade. There is clearly one band that dominated the 70’s: Led Zeppelin (especially during the early 70’s). And if you have to pick one song from Zeppelin to start things off, then what else are you going to play?

This song itself is a great representation of the 70’s itself. First of all it was the most requested song on US FM radio stations during the 70’s. It comes from the third best selling album of all time in the US, Led Zeppelin IV. Lastly, this song is both Hard Rock and Folk Rock. Why is that important? Because that is how Rock first started in the 60’s, and after a brief detour in psychedelic rock we see these genres return in the 70’s. Both Hard Rock and Folk Rock are huge during the 70’s, and this song is both. This song is everything.

What more can I say about “Stairway”? Actually there is a ton more I could say about, but I won’t. Let’s just sit back and enjoy it, knowing that this is the only song that could possibly kick off the 70’s part of the Rock Chronology.

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