Rock Chronology #167: Immigrant Song

“Immigrant Song”, Led Zeppelin, 1970.

Led Zeppelin continued to take the world by storm in 1970 by releasing their next album Lead Zeppelin III. The album kicks off with this track, “Immigrant Song”. There are some fans out there that don’t think album is quite as good as some of their others. What this means in sales terms is that the album has only sold about 6 million copies in the US. (Sooooo disappointing right? ;))

The album Led Zeppelin III peaked at #1 in both the US and the UK (naturally). It stayed at #1 in the US for four weeks, and it stayed there for three weeks in the UK. “Immigrant Song” was actually released as a single in the US even though Zeppelin usually didn’t release singles. It peaked at #16 on the US Billboard chart and #8 on Cashbox. Led Zeppelin continued their trend of not releasing singles in the UK though.

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1 Response to Rock Chronology #167: Immigrant Song

  1. 45spin says:

    Had the best album cover that I would spin in circles for hours, And ya the album was pretty damn good as well.

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