Rock Chronology #171: Roadhouse Blues

“Roadhouse Blues”, The Doors, 1970.

The Doors return to the Rock Chronology in 1970 with another hit album. Actually they released an album in 1969, but many Doors fans found it disappointing except for the single, “Touch Me”. And since that single was released in 1968, I didn’t list any of their songs from 1969.

The Doors had a reverse situation in 1970. Their album, Morrison Hotel peaked at #4 in the US (higher than their previous album The Soft Parade). On the other hand they only released one single from the album and it peaked at #50 in the US. However that single was called, “You Make Me Real”. This song, “Roadhouse Blues” was the B-side to that single. I think most Doors’ fans will agree that the “Roadhouse Blues” is the more memorable song. They buried the lead.

Since 1969 was disappointing for The Doors and Morrison Hotel had released only one single (and its B-side was better than the A-side), it might have seemed at the time like all of The Doors’ best days were behind them. However they were about to release one hell of an album in 1971, just three months before Jim Morrison’s death.

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