Rock Chronology #195: Child In Time

“Child In Time”, Deep Purple, 1970.

In a year about Folk Rock, Deep Purple was making some impressive advances for Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. Their sound in 1970 was considerably different from their 1968 hit, “Hush”. This is because they changed a couple of their band members, and in Rock just changing a member or two can have a huge impact on the sound of the whole band.

“Child In Time” was never released as single, but it is arguably the most memorable track on the album, Deep Purple in Rock. For whatever reason, the US was not ready for this album in 1970. While Deep Purple in Rock peaked at #4 on the UK album charts, it only peaked at #143 in the US. Of course this album eventually went gold in the US after Deep Purple fans went back and discovered its goodness.

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1 Response to Rock Chronology #195: Child In Time

  1. littlerubiks says:

    ‘Child In Time’ would have to be one of my favourite songs of all time. Its such an epic rock opera.

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