Rock Chronology #200: Machine Gun

“Machine Gun”, Jimi Hendrix, 1970.

On September 18, 1970, Jimi Hendrix died in his girlfriend’s apartment in London. He had overdosed on sleeping pills and he ended up asphyxiating on his own vomit while asleep. Jimi Hendrix’s guitar playing had changed Rock forever, and now he was now gone. Earlier that same year he released his Band of Gypsys live album, because Band of Gypsys was the name of his new band. The album peaked at #5 on the US charts and #6 in the UK. “Machine Gun” is arguably the most notable song on the album, as the song makes you feel like you are on a battlefield. Because Jimi broke up with his old band, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and was still adjusting to the new dynamic of Band of Gypsys, Hendrix’s last “real” studio album would be the 1968 Electric Ladyland. After his death they technically did release several studio albums under Jimi Hendrix’s name, but none of these albums would really have the same impact as the albums Hendrix made in the 60’s with The Jimi Hendrix Experience. R.I.P. Jimi.

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