Nirvana Meets Paul McCartney

I love this video! Rock music totally took the world by storm two times in history. The Beatles lead the first movement, and Nirvana lead the second. So what does Nirvana think of Paul McCartney? They love him!

In fact the reason that Nirvana sparked the second Rock movement was because they loved the Beatles. Krist Novoselic says here that everything he knows about the bass he learned from Paul McCartney. I watched a Nirvana documentary where Kurt Cobain said something like he wanted to have “the pop appeal of the Beatles mixed with the passion of Black Sabbath”. In fact whenever the producer wanted to get Kurt to do something in the recording studio, he would simply tell Kurt that the Beatles did it. Then Kurt would do it. Nirvana worshiped the Beatles!

The secret to making great art is revealed in this video. If you want to make great art, then go back to the roots. Specifically go back to the last time when that art was really amazing. Emulate that craft, and then build on it. That is exactly what Nirvana did. They built on top of the great bands from the 60’s and early 70’s, especially the Beatles, and then kept at it until they had their own sound. And if you go back far enough you’ll find the Beatles did the same thing. They started as a knock off of Buddy Holly and the Crickets.

Go back to the last time your craft was really successful and build on that. The results will be amazing.

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