Rock Chronology #209: Sugar Man

“Sugar Man”, Rodriguez, 1970.

Depending on where you live, Rodriguez is either a total nobody, or he’s the biggest Rock star there is. Personally I just found out about this guy. That’s because I’m from the US. Where is Rodriguez from? The US.

Rodriguez is actually from Detroit. “Sugar Man” is the first track on his Cold Fact album which was released in 1970. The album barely sold at all in the US. However the album has gone multi-platinum in the both Australia and South Africa.

He’s also gotten more recognition in the US in the past couple of years because of the 2012 documentary, Searching for Sugar Man. The documentary details how he had no clue that he was famous at all in South Africa until the late 90’s. Then he was asked to tour South Africa because he was, “bigger than Elvis” there.

The video I’ve posted above has well over 6 million views, which is more than most of the videos on the Rock Chronology. Either those views are all from Australians and South Africans, or Rodriguez has finally gotten the recognition he deserves. His music is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t heard it before.

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