Rock Chronology #221: Hot Love

“Hot Love”, T Rex, 1971

T Rex was a group that was hugely popular in the UK, but mostly unknown in the US. “Hot Love” especially was a huge hit in the UK spending 6 weeks at the top of the charts! In the US it only peaked at #72. T Rex would actually have a ton of UK hits, but only “Get It On (Bang a Gong)” would end up being a hit in the US.

This song is especially important though as it marks the beginning of Glam Rock. T Rex singer, Marc Bolan went on Top of the Pops with a little glitter under his eyes and performed this song. T Rex was hugely popular after this for several years in the UK as was Glam Rock in general.

Personally, I can see why the 60’s are one of my favorite era’s of Rock. I really appreciate songs that are made for everyone, which is how I see 60’s music (especially The Beatles). In 1971 however the Hard Rock became heavier (like Black Sabbath), the Folk Rock became so soft it turns into Soft Rock, and the trendiest parts of rock showed up in Glam Rock. The music market became segmented which is what naturally happens when any market matures. When sales reached a peak, the customers segment themselves toward the music they find most appealing (hard or soft or trendy). But in my mind the 60’s music was so good that it appealed to all three groups at once.

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