Hi, I’m John Gordon and I’d like to share with you what this blog is about.

Tattoo Business

Entertainment and Business are two of my biggest interests, and I especially love looking at them together. I like seeing how entertainment has impacted culture in different ways, what makes it successful and where the next entertainment phenomenon is coming from. I like to look for patterns across different fields of entertainment and extract general principles for how an entertainment business should be run.

I especially love when a phenomenon begins and grows to monstrous proportions. In my opinion that is when the best material is put out: The British Invasion, The Silver age of Comics, The NES, the Gygax years of D&D, etc…. Somehow the works put out in each of these eras took people who couldn’t care less and turned them into enthusiastic fans. And on top of that I just really like the stuff from those eras.

I would like to create my own entertainment phenomenon, or at least be a part of one. Right now I am designing a board game. I’ve been gradually tinkering away at it since December 2012. It’s still nowhere close to ready. I will probably start posting more about it if and when it gets closer to being in a final state.

Somehow this blog was taken over by what is happening in the music industry. To me the most interesting thing happening right now is in the music industry. The music industry currently is at a crossroads, and there are two possible futures. Either Rock music will experience a serious revival that will revive the whole industry or a new major form of music will emerge that will replace all of Rock and Roll (and its derivative forms). Either way it will be the music that will save the music industry and not some new type of business model.

In my spare time I teach Math classes at a university, because it pays my bills. 😉

My friend, Donny is an artist who happens to have a huge collection of comic books. He wanted to go back and review some his favorite comics, so we agreed for him to do it on this blog. He’s also been kind enough to give an overview of each of the comic book eras beforehand.

My wife is a balloon sculptor who I may mention in my blog from time to time. She talks about the artistic side of her work on her own blog here.

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